A Sketch a Day…


… might be pushing it. But I really want to make that my goal. I’ve heard of other people doing this – sometimes on their blogs or just in a journal. But the point of it is to gain skill through practice, because practice is the artist’s best friend. And the thing is, I used to practice constantly, like I had nothing better to do. Well I didn’t, actually, but still. And now I have a lot less time to draw, let alone work on my other projects. But I think it will be kind of fun, so I’m going to try. TRY.

Another thing I was thinking is that it would be so cool to be able to host some sort of official “a sketch a week”  feature here on my blog, where people could submit their sketches to be shared, kind of like what Jennifer Fulwiler does with “7 Quick Takes Friday” over on Conversion Diary. But I have no idea how to accommodate  that type of thing with this blog template. I’m just very untechy. So for now, it’s just my daily (or so) sketches to get the ball rolling.

Today’s sketch is called “Winston” and features a horse in winter. Wow I’m such a girl. Anyway, I was listening to some George Winston earlier, from his album “December”, and suddenly felt inspired to draw a clydesdale, standing in the snow. And no it’s not beer related. The horse’s name is Winston, obviously. So here we go!