7 Quick Takes – Guilty Pleasures Edition

— 1 —

Real Housewives of New Jersey

I’m not sure why I find myself so transfixed by this show, but I think part of it stems from my own unhealthy fascination with people who live in multi-million dollar houses, yet routinely use words like “ingredientses” and “youse.”  I keep telling myself that they all must be mobbed up – regular pizza place owners don’t really live like that. Do they?

— 2 —

Taco Bell

I don’t know what else to say about this one. Taco Bell is in kind of its own category; not really mexican food, not really… food.

— 3 —

Watching Newt Gingrich Debate

Why is this a guilty pleasure, you ask? Well, because to most people I talk to, the man is radioactive. His baggage has baggage. But for me, watching him eviscerate someone over fiscal policy is just satisfying. It’s very much like watching UFC, only without all the awkward, prolonged, man straddling. So no, I’m not so much concerned about his running tab at Tiffany’s, or his hot and bothered patriotism. I just want to see him put BO in a verbal chokehold.

— 4 —

Talking to Siri

Ok, so maybe this one doesn’t quite rise to the level of pleasure, per se. And I definitely don’t like doing it in public. But telling that  hard of hearing butler in my phone to do stuff has become a kind of a way of life, since using my hands to text just seems so pointless when I can simply talk into the phone. To send a text. To avoid talking on the phone.

— 5 —

Tori Amos

Oh Tori. How I’ve loved your strange music, with all your strange lyrics and your strange, convulsive piano playing. Even your wild hair and carnivorous-looking teeth have endeared themselves to me. I don’t even mind your new face. I know you’re a little nutso, but to me you’re a musical force of nature. Please don’t ever change (I mean, aside from your completely new face), cause I’ll always love ya, kid!

— 6 —


Yes I like the uncanny X-Men. And women. I like them in comic books (sorry, graphic novels), I like them in movies, and I like them in cartoons. I don’t know why I find them so riveting. Maybe it’s the amazing character development, or maybe it’s those awesome outfits. Or maybe it’s Hugh Jackman.

— 7 —

Leg Warmers

It turns out that I’m a child of the eighties, through and through. I own more than one pair of leg warmers because I find that here in Colorado, sometimes long pants just won’t do. And neither will long socks. It’s gotta be the worst of both worlds – for those times when only the middle of my legs are cold.

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