Thank You!

UPDATE!! Here are the results of your generous contributions. THANKS AGAIN!! 

Well I did it – I ran covered in powder for vocations! Thank you for all your prayer pledges! I mean it, you all are the best ♥

Yes, I’m the dork with the yellow sunnies and purple mustache. And I’m rad.

Friends, I need your help!

 But first let me give you the skinny on why.

Basically how I run… if we’re being honest.

You see, I’ve signed up to do my first ever 5K this Saturday the 29th, and it’s going to be a color run (you know, where they spray you with colored cornstarch until it appears you’ve had an unfortunate tie-dyeing accident). But, one of the main reasons I’m participating is to run in conjunction with the Office of  Vocations at the Archdiocese of Denver. They are doing a prayer campaign for vocations that will include this color run as one of its approved races. So instead of me asking everyone I know for the the typical financial pledge; I’m asking for you to pledge prayers for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life. I’m humbly requesting that you might take a couple seconds to go here, where you will find an option to choose my name (Kim Vandapool) as the runner you are supporting and then pledge away!

And I also want to let you know that I’m a terrible runner and even a mere 5K will be a challenge for me to complete. And it’s not for a lack of training or putting in the time. I’ve always had difficulty with running because I seem to have some sort of undiagnosed exercise-induced asthma or something. It’s not that I’m not athletic – I love to hike, play tennis, swim, and lift weights – but my body just doesn’t much love to run long distances. So even a prayer that I finish this race would be greatly appreciated. But I won’t push my luck.

Here’s what I’ll be doing in the name of vocations (God help me!):

So please, please, please, please, PRETTY PLEASE! Will you help make this run worth getting pelted by cornstarch among a thousand crazy people (some of whom may very well be on bath salts) on a crisp fall morning?? Please!

Thank you very much for your kind consideration,