St. Joan of Arc

Well it’s been a while, but I finally have some new art to share. I ventured out of my comfort zone and decided to tackle a slightly less conventional, and less literal version of this fascinating saint. As per usual, my interpretation here is heavily influenced by the graphic novel genre, with just a slight nod to iconography. I really hope you like!

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St. Joan of Arc





I am realizing that I am utterly obsessed with Venetian masks. This is probably due to my childhood experience with painting and decorating small versions of them as a craft. But these days I just find them mesmerizing to stare at…maybe because they stare back? What ever it is, I think I could easily become a collector and have a whole room wall covered with them. I know – creepiness!

“Mask” by Kim Vandapool


Mary, Mother of Hope

I have new art.

After taking a bit of a hiatus from painting and drawing, I decided I needed to get back to it with a new medium… or a somewhat newMary-with-child medium: watercolor pencils. I’m not really new to watercolor, though it’s never been my favorite. But somehow having the paints start out in pencil-form made it so much more fun.

This piece is actually a combination of watercolor and marker. Though it’s a little more spontaneous – and a lot less structured than I’m accustomed to – I think I liked it. Enough to do more!

I actually get quite a few requests for various artistic subjects, and some seem more doable than others. But this request was brought to me, ever so persistently, by a friend who just really appreciates the image of Our Lady with child. So here is my interpretation, hope you like!

BTW, don’t ask me if this is Irish Catholic Mary. Maybe it is.


I pretty much never paint or draw botanical art because I’m not that comfortable with it (which may be apparent). But some time ago, when I was in a very springtime mood, I got out my oils and attempted to recreate a photo I had. I think I remembered it today as I found myself pining away for spring, once again. Please, no more winter.

"Silver" by Kim Vandapool - oil on canvas