Found-ish Things

Before I feature more of my hand inked pendants, I wanted to throw up two found things pendants (well, actually one found thing and one faux found thing) that I made the other day.

The first is a leaf from some kind of weeping tree . I’m so bad with identifying tree species that I assumed it was a weeping willow, but upon googling weeping willow leaves, I see it’s definitely not that. So I don’t know what you call this, but I thought it was pretty enough to go under resin.

The next found thing, which is actually a faux found thing, is my favorite butterfly – the blue morpho. I have no idea how to get my hands on a real, dead, perfectly preserved butterfly for the purposes of making jewelry; so I did the next best thing. I used an image of a morpho and added a little iridescent paint to the wings – which you can see in person, but you can’t see in the photo. My verdict on this particular experiment is that I should look into getting real butterflies for pendants instead of trying to fake it. That being said, I would still wear the pendant – it’s just not exactly what I had envisioned.

I’ve pressed some other botanical items and will be setting them in resin soon, so I’ll let you know when they’re ready. Till then, more draw-ring silhouettes for me!