7 Quick Takes – Everyone else is doing it

— 1 —

I think my first take is that I’m a tad tardy on posting my 7 quick takes. It’s been a long week, what can I say… I’ll do better next time.

— 2 —

I’m the female 30-something version of Napoleon Dynamite. Really. I’m clumsy as heck, contagiously awkward, quite prefer tater tots, and am fairly certain I’ve spent at least three hours shading an upper lip.

— 3 —

Happy Halloween to everyone! Unless you’re a real Christian. I know the real Christians don’t celebrate Halloween, they have this interesting Reformation Day/ Trunk or Treat mash-up thing going on. It’s very biblical – I think the Levites started it.

— 4 —

I’m relieved we now have four guitars at mass these days… instead of just the three.

— 5 —

Maybe because I don’t have sweet little children to dress, or maybe just because I’m insane, I find myself obsessively accessorizing my iphone. What mood is my iphone in, what does it want to wear today? Hmmm, can’t decide between the Halloween wallpaper w/brown case or fallen leaves w/lime green case. Priorities.

— 6 —

At dinner with some of my family, two glasses of wine proved fatal to what ordinarily might have been a simple discussion about politics and religion (I know, such benign topics!). Yes, some people get happy and fun; I become an unrelenting arguer. Oh you think Gaddafi deserved it, you think the occupiers may not be all bad, you think the Catholic Church really is simotaneously the Beast and the Whore or Babylon? I OBJECT!!

— 7 —

So, not only is my city responsible for gifting the world with the would-be girl scout boy, but now we present to you “Tebowing.” Yes, that’s right, planking is passe. Fake, spontaneous prayer in random places is all the rage. Thanks Denver!!

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