Mother and Son

Here is a little resin rendering of stained glass that I made into pendant-form. The Blessed Mother and baby Jesus sparkle away in this piece, though my camera doesn’t quite manage to capture the glimmer. And while I’m aware it’s still the season of Advent and this image might seem premature, I also know Christmas shopping happens now if you’re good and organized (and not one who procrastinates till the last possible second). So this one will go in my shop now. [UPDATE: This piece is sold out.]


Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus pendant necklace


And even closer!

We have mice…

… or mouse, actually. He’s a Christmas Gumdrop Mouse. For whatever reason, sculpting mice in holiday scarves is a fascination of mine. Little gifties for loved ones is my excuse. I think my next one will be drinking coffee, while reading a newspaper with little glasses on. We’ll see.

Mood Music Monday

I’ve always liked “The Holly and The Ivy,” but George Winston takes it to a whole new level with his version. As much as I’m not really feeling Christmas music this year, this song never gets old. Even the snowy picture is kinda nice. Except for how much it reminds me of what’s actually outside my window, which is not so nice. -5 tomorrow night, are you kidding me??!! Anywho, wish I could find a live version of this song. Peace out.