My Art

9 comments on “My Art

  1. Lisa Meyer says:

    Love your art. It’s delicate and powerful!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Your art is *beautiful.*

  3. terry nelson says:

    Your art is fantastic!

  4. Mr. Vandapool says you would not be interested in a paid commission realmoneycash gig designing one graphic tee with promise of more. Do you know of anyone else, perhaps?

    (My mind’s eye imagines nothing more complicated than the art in that one scriptural rosary book, except perhaps by way of the trendy fake-retro style so popular on Graphic Tees these days. Even then, my mind’s eye may fairly be persuaded to look at things differently!)

    • I appreciate you thinking of me for this:) However, as Patrick said, at the moment I am swamped and just not able to focus on more than what I currently have on my plate. Someone that comes to mind who might be able to help you or point you in a good direction is Fabiola Garza. She’s a wonderful artist (an illustrator even!) who is also very well connected to other artists.

      Sorry I’m of no use right now – but I like your ideas and I hope you have success with them!

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