16 comments on “Contact

  1. john smith says:

    Do you still have the tree necklace ? I would love to have it for my wifes Birthday!


    • John, yes I have one that I can finish up for you. I will put it up in the Available Via Donation section so that you can simply click that link and proceed to PayPal when you are ready to purchase. I should have the item ready in the next day or so – I’ll email you when it’s up or you can check back.

      Thanks for your interest!

  2. Pelican piece – for sale?

  3. Tracy says:

    How do I order the Blessed Mary pendant? I didn’t see it available on the shop page. She’s beautiful!

  4. Michele Berkholtz says:

    Do you have any Our Lady of Lourdes necklaces? I think it is gorgeous

    • Thank you, Michele! I do not currently have any made, but keep checking back to see what’s new in the shop. Also, I can email you the next time I make a Lady of Lourdes necklace.

  5. Susana Fernández Arias says:

    Could I have the Blessed Virgin Mary Pendant Necklace still? If so Could you be so kind to tell me the price?

    Thank you

  6. Martha Rangel says:

    Hi, I think your Blessed Virgin Pendant is absolutely beautiful. Will you be making any more? I’d sure like to purchase one. Thank you for your consideration.

  7. Dear Ms Vandapool,
    My name is Ralph Parthie, and I am a Franciscan Friar stationed in Burlington WI. I am a member of the Franciscan Province of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our province headquarters are in St. Louis, MO. Our province is having a Chapter or gathering of friars in STL in a couple of weeks. I’m part of the team preparing the liturgies for those days. I was wondering if you would give me permission to use your image of the Sacred Heart (I realize you describe it as a beginning of developing your concept) for the program of our opening ritual? I would be making around 150 copies for the friars and would make sure it credited you and also asks that it not be reproduced in any other way. I like the image a great deal so far. The heart and hands are impressive, the face is masculine…he doesn’t look like a lady with facial hair. I’m not an art critic, but I’ve seen a lot of Sacre Heart images and yours is engaging. If you would rather not give permission, I would certainly understand and wouldn’t use the image. Thanks for your time and consideration. Peace and everything good!
    Br. Ralph

    • Uniconoclast says:

      Hi Br. Ralph,
      You absolutely have my permission, and I feel honored! If you don’t mind, I’d like to clean it up just a bit and then email the image to you. I’ll have it ready for you by Monday!


  8. Dear Kim,
    Thanks so much! I’ll look forward to receiving the image when you finish with it. Peace and all good!

  9. Brenda Weakland says:

    Hi Kim,
    Any chance you’ll make any more “Mother and Son” stained glass pendants? Your pics show it was sold out Dec. 10, so I just wondered if there will be more this year. If so, please email the expected date and price so I can purchase now.
    Thanks ~ Brenda

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