A Bunny Tale

Recently our lot has been somewhat overrun by rabbits. Bare patches of ground have started to emerge, along with little piles of bunny-poo – which are apparently a type of irresistable candy to growing puppies. A couple years back it was squirrels, but now rabbits can be seen running through the alley in the early morning hours, while at night they camp out in the front yard. The dogs are of no avail since they see no point in giving chase to what they know they can’t catch.

"I like shootin' stuff reeal good."

People who’ve tried say that the good ‘ol pinwheel is no more a deterrent to rabbits than it is to pigs named Maxwell. And then there’s fox urine, which we haven’t tried. But can urine from a fox really be any more effective than urine from a dog? Doesn’t add up to me.

So upon weighing our options, my redneck husband, who is armed for every other kind of target, decided it was probably most preferable for him to go buy a pellet gun and commence thinning the rabbit population. Now of course this idea did not sit well with me, though I know it’s the most pragmatic solution. Continue reading