Vegas Tin, Baby, Yeah!

So, while I have been making new and different tins as of late, I haven’t really stayed on top of posting them. But I will remedy that with a couple new gift tin posts – these are tins I made as gifts for people, sometimes upon request.

This altered Altoid tin is one inspired by a dear lady’s love of Las Vegas. And who doesn’t love Vegas?! (I know, we don’t all love it equally;)

Hope you enjoy!

Las Vegas altered Altoid tin Vegas Tin inside Vegas Tin bottom

2013 Trick-or-Treat Altered Altoid Tin

It’s October, and soon it will be Halloween. So the obligatory Halloween altered tin is already made, and I may even do another. Once again I went in the direction of ‘trick-or-treat,’ because to me that is the essence of Halloween. This time though, I used very few pre-made pieces, and opted to create most of the elements either from drawings or printed photos.

Anyway, here she is! Hope you like.

The tin is spearmint this time.

The tin is spearmint this time.

There is a rapping at the chamber door…

2013 side tin

A good Halloween house is always ready for trick-or-treaters.

A good Halloween house is always ready for trick-or-treaters.



2013 tin inside

Halloween Altered Altoid Tin

UDATE:  please go here for a great tutorial on the basics of altering Altoid tins.

This would be my first attempt at altering an Altoid tin. Really, up until a few months ago, I’d never actually heard of such a thing. But just Google it, and you’ll see there’s a whole world of crafty alteration that can be done to an Altoid tin.

So the day before Halloween I finally took the plunge and decided to decorate the outside and inside of my tin. There are many tutorials online for the basic process of how to get all the tin’s surfaces covered. Then you just embellish – which can be fun if you have a plan. I didn’t really have a plan, though I knew that I wanted a semi-3D type thing going on inside the tin, while the outside could be simpler. In the future I would like to thoroughly plan out my design so that I can use my own drawings or sculpts for the inside. But this time around I relied heavily on scrapbooking supplies to accomplish my goal.

I think it turned out kind of fun and cute. Normally I would do something much more ghoulish or creepy for Halloween – but I was more interested in learning the process this time around. So, here’s my tin – I hope you have a very fun and happy Halloween!!

My tin….

Started out as an ordinary wintergreen mint tin.

Initially I couldn’t quite choose between vintage or whimsical for the exterior. So I did both.

It was fun choosing different patterns for different surfaces.

Now I’m thinking maybe I should have gone for a casket-themed design…

But the trick-or-treat theme won out in the end!

(BTW, the headstones at the bottom spell “CREEPY”)