Seven Quick Takes: The Downton Awards


Well, seeing as the season 3 premier just aired, I figured this would be the best time to do my obligatory Downton Abbey post. Who needs to watch the entire season? I’m going to give out my 7 Downton Awards now.

1. Best Villain: Lady Mary’s wedding dress. Unfortunately for our Mary, that dress had her looking positively prepubescent. Sorry, but it was not only unassuming – it was unflattering, unfeminine, and generally unfortunate. Better luck next time (and you know there will be a next time), Lady Mary.downton_abbey_lady_mary_wedding_dress-e1357582123535-250x325

2. Most Jolly Hair: Doesn’t it go without saying? Lady Edith seems to be the model of ordinary-ness – as pedestrian as can be. But wait, our Edith has done something new, stylish even, with her unremarkable locks and now is fit to be the valiant pursuer of a much older, and more awkward specimen. You go, Edith!lady-edith2

3. Worst Financial Investor… Ever: Way to go, Lord Grantham! Put all your eggs (or should I say your wife’s) in Enron! You don’t deserve a valet.

4. Most Astute Older Gentleman: Though he may seem awkward, and and by all accounts rather elderly; Sir Anthony has proved he’s no slouch when it comes to observing people at a gathering. Thinking about slipping some roofies into someone’s drink? Not on Sir Anthony’s watch. Recognize!tumblr_mbclgwZ0Ag1qbszkbo2_500

5. Least Jolly Hair: Um, that would have to go to Mr. Bates and his prison-do. Or should I say prison-don’t.

labor till the work is done

6. Most Hyperbolic Reaction to Black Ties: Amidst Lord Grantham and Matthew’s valet issues, the two are forced to dress down, dawning black ties to a formal dinner event, causing mother-in-law Martha to exclaim, “Oh, you two are dressed for a barbeque!” and Lord Grantham, himself, to add that he “feels like a Chicago bootlegger.” Oh, the indignity.Tie-gate

7. Best Performance by A Sassy Redhead: Congratulations, Mrs. Patmore! Oh… you thought I was going to say Shirley Maclaine’s character, Martha. Well this is… awkward…Mrs-Patmore

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7 Quick Takes Friday

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Well I guess it’s a bad sign if you’re looking forward to Lent because that’s when Wendy’s brings out their Fish Fillet sandwich. I don’t know… if I look forward to a sandwich this much, shouldn’t that be what I give up for Lent? The one thing I can only get my hands on during Lent? Have you had Wendy’s Fish Fillet? Continue reading

7 Quick Takes Friday!!!

– 1 —

So for a while now I’ve had a specific void in my life causing me to be on this never-ending quest to find this one thing that has been eluding me. I feel like I’ve patiently waited and searched – seemingly going to all the right places and asking all the right questions. I’ve been willing to do whatever it takes, but sometimes some things remain just outside our reach, I guess. Until now. I have finally found… sweatpants with pockets. Soft, reasonably thick, flattering, SWEATS. WITH. POCKETS. I know, you must be wondering why sweats with pockets would be hard to come by. Well, they were. For at least a couple seasons. I even asked one of the buyers at REI where all the sweats with pockets were, to which she replied, “There are none. Forget about it, no one’s making them. People don’t want their sweats to have pockets.” WHAT?! I’m sorry, when I wear sweats (for my job, and all other activities) where am I supposed to put my phone, or money, or keys?

Well, Target finally stepped up and now sells some really great sweats with pockets. And in at least two shades of grey! Continue reading