Chalcedony And Scarves From Turkey

Warning: more girly talk of spring accessories and the like. Men beware.

Well it’s finally spring, but in my neck of the woods you wouldn’t know it. Here I was all set to welcome warmer days with lighter accessories and apparel, but apparently Mother Nature has other plans… oh well. I am so over boots.

None the less, the acquisition of some new accessories has brightened up my week. Every year one of my best clients gives me a generous gift card to her jewelry and beading boutique – a store that glimmers practically floor to ceiling with amazing finds from all over the world. I literally feel overwhelmed with indecision every time I visit due to the sheer number of beautiful beads and jewelry she sells. But this time around I found just what I had been wanting; a beautiful strand of varied chalcedony teardrop briolettes. chalcedony-strand

I love, love, LOVE chalcedony. It’s a versitile little gem that just has a way of picking up light and glowing. So of course the first thing I did was make a pair of simple teardrop earrings and a little pendant necklace to match. They’re so evocative of spring rain (what must that be like?) and ocean breeze. This was a major score!chalcedony-teardrops


But What About The Scarves?


Warm weather clothing with huge scarves? No.

The other thing I was very excited about receiving was my order of two scarves from Turkey. I’ve been looking around in shops here in town for something different, and apparently impossible to find – a delicate scarf. For whatever reason, everything in stores has to be extremely long, rather bulky, and overall not very pretty. I don’t want to go into spring and summer changing up my outfits, but still having to accessorize with huge scarves – which doesn’t seem to phase many – but I won’t do it. Sorry, but no.

So I hopped over to Etsy and found exactly what I had in mind: a Turkish shop called Fatwoman featuring many beautiful scarves that aren’t all so long and bulky (of course, many that they sell are). This was again one of those scenarios of finding it hard to choose among such a large selection of great items. I ended up picking two and ordering them, but I will say I wish I had gone for three. I didn’t notice until after my purchase that fast shipping only applies when more than two items are purchased, so I did wait around a month for my order to clear customs. Oh well, lesson learned. Otherwise, I was very pleased with the scarves that arrived. They were just as beautiful as the pictures, and actually a little more so in person. They did have a bit of an odor – just a trace of mothballs mixed with some other scent I can’t name. But one hand wash and hang dry later, they have no odor at all and are some of my favorite accessories.


One of the two very delicate spring/summer scarves I purchased.

So that’s my spring fashion update. If you’re a blogger of the female persuasion, I’d enjoy hearing about what spring accessories you’re loving this season!

Best Spring Color I’ve Found: A Nail Polish Review

I’m pretty girly when it comes to things like clothes, accessories, and makeup. Nail polish, however, falls more into the category of an addiction/obsession. I probably own more nail polish than most nail salons (ok, maybe not. But close). And it’s probably because I become fixated on a certain color, or a certain shade of a certain color – and my mission is to find that perfect polish.

Well, mission accomplished (for this season, anyway).

I’ve had lilac on the brain for some time. But the lilacs that I could find and had purchased were either a tad too cool, too pale, or too muddy. I was after that perfect lilac that was just warm enough to almost look pink, but also pale enough to to never be mistaken for pink (although the untrained eye, aka men, might not catch the subtle distinction between the perfect lilac and pink). I’m sure you’re thinking that this is way TMI on my thought processes regarding finding nail color. But I’m not sure I’m alone in this approach, after all, there’s a reason certain colors and palettes become huge trends. Also, we live in an age when all colors are on the table, not just your reds and semi-reds. But part of what makes a good nail color is whether or not it looks good ON your nails, next to your skin. There are certain colors I can’t pull off with my yellow tones. lacey-lilac nail polish

But the color I’ve found for you today is one I firmly believe will look beautiful on just about anyone, with almost any skin tone. I say this becauseĀ it is both warm and cool, and just the right value (relative lightness or darkness) to compliment fair, medium, or dark skin, whether summer or winter toned (ok, maybe really reddish skin… not so much). It is L’Oreal in ‘lacey lilac’. I think this is a brand new color. Also what I like about it is that it has a very consistent coverage (2 coats is plenty) and very good shine. So if you’re out of top coat like I am – not a problem.

Anyway, spring is upon us – so no more heavy, rich winter colors, people! Go out and get ‘lacey lilac’ from L’Oreal and prepare to feel pretty!

A Must-Read!

For those of you who are interested in Comparative
Religion, I’m so proud to announce that my husband
‘s first book is available on Amazon. Devin Rose, author of If
Protestantism is True
wrote the back cover blurb:

“Vandapool’s first comparative religion book is
an invaluable primer for understanding the root of the division
between Catholics and Protestants. Primarily written for Catholics
who want to understand their Protestant brothers better, he
illustrates the illogic of Bible-only Christianity, and
simultaneously establishes the case for recognizing proper
ecclesial authoriry.”

Picture 4 copy So order the book and
enjoy! You’ll be glad you did.

Mary, Mother of Hope

I have new art.

After taking a bit of a hiatus from painting and drawing, I decided I needed to get back to it with a new medium… or a somewhat newMary-with-child medium: watercolor pencils. I’m not really new to watercolor, though it’s never been my favorite. But somehow having the paints start out in pencil-form made it so much more fun.

This piece is actually a combination of watercolor and marker. Though it’s a little more spontaneous – and a lot less structured than I’m accustomed to – I think I liked it. Enough to do more!

I actually get quite a few requests for various artistic subjects, and some seem more doable than others. But this request was brought to me, ever so persistently, by a friend who just really appreciates the image of Our Lady with child. So here is my interpretation, hope you like!

BTW, don’t ask me if this is Irish Catholic Mary. Maybe it is.