Seven Quick Takes: Pendants!


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It’s another seven takes! I know… I just did this… several weeks ago… with nothing in between…

But I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for not writing anything in such a long time, especially while so many profoundly important things are happening in this world. It just seems that I don’t much have it in me to write these days, so I’m sticking to what I can do – and that’s create little sparkly things. So here are seven pendants I’ve made.

1. Happy Watermelon Pendant –  This pendant is a resin heart with irredescent coral glitter and a hand-painted happy watermelon.


2. Mary and Jesus Pendant – With an ornate black metal backing, this resin rendering of stained glass sparkles in any light (except, of course, when I’m taking a picture of it!).


3. I Scream for Ice Cream Pendant – Here we are with another resin piece – glittery pink background with a hand-sculpted ice cream cone floating in the foreground.


4. The Raven Pendant – Oh, one of my favorites. This is a multilayer resin piece featuring part of a page from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven in the background.


5. Root Beer Float Pendant – I don’t know, I guess I had fun-whippy-dessert-on-the-brain, or something. This resin piece is backed with chocolate glass microbeads, and features a hand-sculpted root beer float… well, floating in the foreground.


6. Heart on Fire Pendant – I call this resin design “Heart on Fire” mostly because of the bright fuschia glitter that dances behind the hand-painted metallic design.


7. Sorbet Pendant – Again… fun-whippy-dessert time. Same general idea as above, only this one is for the sorbet lover!


…And here’s a taste of what I’m currently working on as part of an altered Altoid tin. One of my favorite childhood memories is of my mom reading The Little Red Hen to me.