Found-ish Things

Before I feature more of my hand inked pendants, I wanted to throw up two found things pendants (well, actually one found thing and one faux found thing) that I made the other day.

The first is a leaf from some kind of weeping tree . I’m so bad with identifying tree species that I assumed it was a weeping willow, but upon googling weeping willow leaves, I see it’s definitely not that. So I don’t know what you call this, but I thought it was pretty enough to go under resin.

The next found thing, which is actually a faux found thing, is my favorite butterfly – the blue morpho. I have no idea how to get my hands on a real, dead, perfectly preserved butterfly for the purposes of making jewelry; so I did the next best thing. I used an image of a morpho and added a little iridescent paint to the wings – which you can see in person, but you can’t see in the photo. My verdict on this particular experiment is that I should look into getting real butterflies for pendants instead of trying to fake it. That being said, I would still wear the pendant – it’s just not exactly what I had envisioned.

I’ve pressed some other botanical items and will be setting them in resin soon, so I’ll let you know when they’re ready. Till then, more draw-ring silhouettes for me!



3½ Time-Outs Tuesday

The Larry D, over at Acts of the Apostasy, wants your 3½ Tim-Outs too. So do it, I bid you. Now!!


Well, I just recently graduated from the Denver Catholic Biblical School, which is a lay division of the St. John Vianney Theological Seminary. It was four years of biblical study, lectures, and homework as part of what is known around the country as “the most in-depth and comprehensive Bible study in the United States.” Our diocese is incredibly fortunate to be able to offer this outstanding course – taught by amazing instructors. I really cannot speak highly enough of those who teach at the CBS, they are beyond excellent.

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New Hand Inked Pendant

Lately I’ve been trying some new ideas in Jewelry design. One of them is hand drawing little silhouette images with ink on glass and then trapping them there forever in resin. I like the way the drawings cast shadows on the depths of the glass in varying light. I have a lot of ideas, but they tend to be nature-inspired. If anyone reading this has alternative silhouette ideas for me, I’d love to hear them. I’m just starting with this technique.

“Prairie” Pendant by Kim Vandapool


Bad Blogger

I’ve been one, that is. And, not that anyone is sitting around with bated breath waiting at the edge of their seat for my next post, but I do realize that people tend to lose interest in a blog after weeks and weeks of nothing.

Maybe I should let you in on a little something: I really don’t like writing. Anything.  And I do realize writing is an often necessary part of communication – so I can write. But oddly enough for someone with… a blog… I kinda hate to write. TA DA! That’s why I like to say that this is more of an art blog – because people don’t expect paragraph after paragraph of me expressing thoughts if it’s about the pictures. And yet, the art has been a bit scarce as of late as well, hasn’t it. Continue reading