Remarkably theological non-theology

Ughhhhhh. I had wanted to blog about something nice and refreshing as we approach 2012 – shaking off all that is annoying from 2011. But as I briefly perused Facebook this morning (first mistake), coffee in hand, I came across a little gem and instantly wanted to argue with the dear friend who posted it. But, being that I’ve vowed to do less of that in 2012, I held my itching fingers from typing up a wildly unpopular comment… and, well, decided to blog about it instead. Continue reading

We have mice…

… or mouse, actually. He’s a Christmas Gumdrop Mouse. For whatever reason, sculpting mice in holiday scarves is a fascination of mine. Little gifties for loved ones is my excuse. I think my next one will be drinking coffee, while reading a newspaper with little glasses on. We’ll see.

Not that I’m the most frequent or riveting blogger on the planet…

… but things are about to get really spotty. These last couple weeks of the year are the craziest for my business, so I’m pretty sure I won’t have a whole lot in the way of new art or commentary to post. I mean I’ll try, but… no promises it’ll be anything to write home about. I haven’t even finished (started) Christmas shopping yet. Ugh.

There's no actual "paper work" at my job, but you get the idea